Support the events you love every year.

First Fridays, Farmers Markets, the Chirstmas Parade, Lighting of the Square... Your support keeps us doing these and we want to keep them alive forever. There's a lot of you so we don't ask much, but please just donate $5 and tell a friend.

I can spare $5!
Or a little more too.
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You love our city and want to keep fun events around, but don't have a lot to give. We love you just the same and every little bit helps..

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You entire family can support First Fridays, Farmers Markets etc.. Get a leg up on the pile.

  • Free parking at First Friday
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You want to be recognized for being a swell pal to the local economy? Of course!

  • Free parking
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  • Free "Yeyos"
  • Dark Skin Latte
  • Free admittance to the Pumpkin patch.
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You may be wondering...

Why don't you ask for very much?

It's because there are so many of you! We hope that by making it affordable we'll be able to raise more in order to keep these events alive. Of course you can give as much as you like. Five dollars or $500 dollars - we love you the same.

Can I give a recurring amount?

If you want to give a little more than $5 then there's an option to give monthly. It's a recurring monthly payment, so you can get out there and enjoy events knowing you're keeping them alive with little to no effort. It means the world to us!

Which payments do you accept?

You can pay either a one-time or recurring monthly payment with your credit card or bank transfer.

Want to Sponsor an event?

Talk to Andrew Heath

Executive Director (and real swell fella)