We need you!

First Fridays, Farmers Markets, the Christmas Parade, Lighting of the Square and hundreds more. Your support keeps us going.

Our community is strong. Together, we can continue to do great things.

We're a small nonprofit doing big things and we survive on the support of our community. Every bit helps. We hope that if you've been to one of our events that you'll give a little back.

I can spare $5!
Thank you!

See for yourself

This is only maybe 10% of what we do.

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You may still be wondering...

We're not the city.
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We love the city and they are hands on at all of our events keeping the place clean, setting up Christmas lights and tons more, but no -your tax dollars do not come to us.

We're a super small nonprofit of four people trying to make events on a massive scale for our city (and neighboring cities) to enjoy.

What do you do again?
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We creates events in Downtown with the purpose of bringing everyone together. We host & help with over 100 events in Downtown each year with just four people. You can imagine we need your help. Thats the short version.

Farmers Markets
First Fridays
Christmas Parade
Lighting of the Square
Art Stroll

Go for the gold and sponsor!
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We treat our sponsors well. They are the lifeblood of our events. No sponsors means it won't be long and there's won't be First Fridays or Farmers Markets. That'd be sad. So please let us make you look awesome in front of thousands and thousands of people. Five thousand people come to most every Farmers Market and you could be all over it every week. you don't get that recognition anywhere else!

Why don't you ask for very much?
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You can give as much as you like, but it's because there are so many of you! We hope that by making it affordable we'll be able to raise more in order to keep these events alive. We know that there's a lot of great places doing incredible things in our area and they're all asking for something. So we say five dollars or $500 dollars - we love you the same.

Can I give a recurring amount?
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If you want to give a little more than $5 then there's an option to give monthly. It's a recurring monthly payment, so you can get out there and enjoy events knowing you're keeping them alive with little to no effort. It means the world to us!

Which payments do you accept?
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You can pay either a one-time or recurring monthly payment with your credit card or bank transfer.

Think about it, if everyone at a First Friday gave one measly dollar, we'd make $5,000!

We don't ask for much, because a little bit goes a long way!

I can spare $5!